Garden Design for Margaret River, Dunsborough, Yallingup, Eagle Bay

garden-design-plans Busselton-Dunsborough-Yallingup-South-West-margaret-river-eagle-bayGarden design is the art of designing and creating plans for layout and planting of gardens and landscapes. Garden design requires certain elements to make it effective. One of the elements includes the landscape layout of things like walls, paths, walls, decking as well as sitting areas. Other elements include considering the vegetations horticultural needs, lifespan, season of appearance as well as speed and habit of growth. Consideration is also given to the garden's maintenance requirements such as time and funds required for regular maintenance.

Topographical features like steep slopes, hills and vistas determine aspects of design such as the layout. Garden lighting is also an important aspect when it comes to designing a garden. It's important to determine the types of fitting and lamps needed to create a desired effect.

Sunlight is the other factor that is considered in garden design. When designing a property, some buildings may be selected or changed based on garden-design-Busselton-Dunsborough-Yallingup-South-West-margaret-river-eagle-baytheir influence in increasing or reducing the amount of sunlight provided in various areas of the property. Lighting regulates photosynthesis, phototropism as well as photoperiodism. If we cannot influence the lighting then we will plant a garden that is compatible with the existing lighting conditions.

There are many benefits associated with a garden design. A good garden design will save you time and money. It can add value to your property. By getting a professional garden design, we will ensure that every part of the garden is maximized to the your needs and will enhance not only your lifestyle but also make the most out of your outdoor space.




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What our clients say...

I would like to say a very big "Thank You" for turning a very boring, useless space of garden into a beautiful, tranquil remembrance garden in honour of my Mum who passed away a couple of years ago – this is now affectionately known as "Sylvia's Garden" – and it was very thoughtful of you to plant grevilleas called "Sylvia"!

Kind Regards
Julie Carrico


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